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We are called to follow and emulate the virtues humility, simplicity and hidden life with Christ in God

Our Programs

Charitable Rehabilitation Centres

It is situated in Central Kenya in Nyandarua County. The home is catering for both boys and girls suffering from disabilities like clubfeet, cerebral palsy, and congenital malformation of the lower limps, amputees, Spina bifida, osteoarthritis, exits osteomyelitis, bums or the consequences of polio etc.

During the rehabilitation, the children are provided with some necessary and basic needs such as wheelchairs, calipers, triple stands, crutches and physiotherapy.

Great progress in the rehabilitation of the children is achieved through surgical operations done by volunteer Italian orthopaedic surgeons from Gaslini Hospital in Genova Italy who come to assist in doing the necessary Surgical Operations free of charge.

The home currently has over 227 physically challenged children from two years of age up to 16 years. The admission period for the children varies from at least 2 years up to 10 years according to the need for rehabilitation. The home also assists a few physically handicapped adults especially in Surgical Operations arid provision of appliances as outpatients.

Charitable Caring homes

Fr. Baldo Children’s Home is a charitable children’s home in Central Kenya in Nyandarua County. A Home for abandoned babies, orphans, street children and destitute children from various parts of the Country.

The goal of the Home is to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children like abandoned babies, street children, children orphaned through HIV/AIDS and any other destitute children.

Currently, the home provides shelter, food, clothing, health care, formal and informal education and other needs to the babies and children. It acts as a real home to these homeless children.

Apart from providing home care services, the Home supports the educational needs of these children by sending them to various nearby public schools and paying school fees for them.

Madre lppolita Children’s Home for children living with HIV/AID and Malnourished children in Eastern Kenya Machakos County.

The home provides life-saving care and a loving home to HIV/AIDS positive children in Machakos County and from other parts of our country Kenya.

The home’s mission is to transform vulnerable children who are affected by HIV AIDS into productive members of their community.

The children live at the Children’s Home until they are healthy and self-reliant. The Home offers life-changing comprehensive medical, nutritional, psychological, academic and spiritual care. The children and babies often arrive in desperate malnourished condition – many abandoned by their families because of the stigma of HIV/AIDS.

Creating a loving home was the main goal of the sisters but as time passes they realized that educating the families that are in need, in the community may be the solution to prevent situations that lead to severe health issues among children. For this reason, Madre lppolita Children’s Home started formal and informal education in surrounding communities.

The Sisters also sensitize families on health education on topics like HIV/AIDS, nutrition and malaria in these communities.

This centre is in Mukuru Kwa Njenga Slums, Nairobi County. It caters for mentally-challenged children. 

The centre assists parents in the slums who go to work every day. 

Children are brought every morning and picked in the evening.  Women with mentally challenged children have somewhere to leave their children and go to work. 

The centre takes care, feeds and offers therapy to the children according to the their needs.


We manage primary and secondary schools within the Catholic Church. A number of us are also working in government schools, teaching and promoting human formation in schools.


We give our service to the sick in the hospitals, health centres and dispensaries in the slum of Mukuru kwa Njenga in Nairobi County; Laikipia County; Machakos County and Nyandarua County.

Pastoral work in the parishes

We work with the youth, children, men and women associations, for children and adults with special needs and people living with HIV/AIDS,

Offering a conducive environment

We dedicate our lives in prayer, retreats, recollections, meetings and spiritual conferences.

Reaching out to the aged and terminally ill patients

We give our love and service to the elderly; the poor and the abandoned in homes; and the terminally ill patients.

See Us In Action

We promote and empower women and the poorest through education of youth and children; health care; care of the aged in their homes and in rest houses, the disabled and the abandoned; teaching the catechism of the times
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